Burglar Seduced By The Sexy Feet Of Talia Mint

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl Talia Mint seduces a burglar with her sexy little feet.

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When you attempt a burglary on the home of Talia Mint, you weren’t prepared for the sight of her two delicious feet that can leave even a hardened criminal spellbound with their beauty. Talia is not to be messed with. She hold a gun menacingly to stop you in your thieving tracks, but the truth is that you were already transfixed by her sexy feet. She quickly understands that is her dainty tootsies that are her most lethal weapon. She dangles them in front of your face and strokes them tauntingly while she spreads her delcious toes. You can do nothing but stare and jerk off, while the police are on their way!