Sexy Italian Babe Tones Her Beautiful Feet In Home VR Workout Show

Italian babe Elektra shows how she maintains her perfect feet, as well as the rest of her smoking hot body, in this erotic home workout demonstration in virtual reality.

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Stunning Italian babe shows off her toned body, including her perfect feet in an electrifying home workout show. She stretches and bodyweight exercises, wearing only a skimpy crop top and sexy shorts. Her sweet feet are covered in white gym socks and sneakers. You will be amazed how flexible this girl is, as she stretches her legs and you see her beautiful feet in the air. Then it’s time for her to take off her sneakers, and her socks, as her sexy feet are so sweaty now. She is clearly turned on, as she holds her socks to her face and sniffs the beautiful sweaty aroma. Then she does the same with her delicious feet, sniffing and even licking, the sexy, sweat coated soles!

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