Beautiful Young Girl Massages And Licks Her Sweet And Dainty Feet

Young Violet is a pretty girl who is in love with her own feet. Who can blame her when her feet are as delicious as these?!

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Pretty young Italian girl Violet knows just how beautiful and sexy her little feet are. Today, we join her in virtual reality as she reclining on the sofa, wearing stockings and stylish leather high heels. This trendy young babe has a nose piercing and looks every inch the teenage rebel. Perhaps she wants to start a revolution…with her sexy feet! She sure knows the power of her footsies to turn you on. As she relaxes eating strawberries, the sweetheart playfully twirls her toes and lets her high heels slip off her stockinged feet, ever so slightly. You move closer to those beautiful works of divine art, and she teases you further by taking off her high heels, and then massages her feet with her hands. She is getting turne on as much as you. She starts to lick her feet, as she knows you would like to lick them, tasting all their delicious glory on your behalf!

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