Pretty Teen Mistress Demands You Worship Her Feet And Boots

Sexy young Italian girl Kiki is a kinky dominatrix, and she is demanding that you worship her teenage feet and boots!

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Pretty teenage girls like young Kiki here, have so much sexual power over older men, that sometimes it goes to their dizzy little heads. They think they can get away with anything, and to be honest, they can. Kiki wants to humiliate and abuse you with her sexy little teenage feet. She’s been wearing her fashionable boots for days on end, and they might be a bit on the strong smelling side. It turns her on knowing you will still want to sniff and lick them, just because her divine teen feet have been inside and soiled them with their heavenly fragrance. The cruel mistress will then give you the ultimate reward for being a good little foot slave – letting you lick and taste the soles and toes of her gorgeously dainty feet!

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