Sexy Girl Lilian Pisses Into Glass Bowl During VR Foot Show And Drinks It!

Sexy young Italian girl Lilian gets so excited during a VR foot fetish show, that she needs to piss into a glass bowl. And then she drinks it…

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Wearing black thongs, stockings, and a sexy bra, the beautiful Lilian makes any man’s cock hard even before she starts playfully teasing with her long, slender legs, and her dainty little feet. But today it’s not enough for the saucy young woman to tease you with her feet alone. After teasing and tormenting you with a sexy foot show, that brings you to the edge of ejaculation, the cheeky thing has a sexy surprise for you. She reaches for a glass bowl, and squats over it. You will watch transfixed in virtual reality, as a beautiful golden stream of her piss falls down from her perfect pussy and into the bowl. Then, the horny young minx proceeds to eagerly pour the sweet nectar down her throat. Finally, she teases you once more wth her divine feet, inviting you to shoot your load on to their perfect bare naked soles!

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