The Sexy Feet Of Karate Girl Bianca Blance Are Lethal Weapons

A female karate master demonstrates why her feet are lethal weapons. Her footsies are so sexy they can stop a man in his tracks with one flash of those beautiful soles!

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You’re invited to join karate mistress Bianca Blance in her dojo. She knows the power her sexy feet have over men – they are true lethal weapons of distraction. Best not to pick a fight with this girl. You may be in a position to strike, but she just needs to bare the delicious soles of her perfect feet, and you will find yourself frozen, with all your focus on your suddenly hardening cock. Just do what she tells you to do, and you wont get hurt. All she demands is that you give her tasty feet the worship they deserve with your nose, your hands, your tongue, and your hard cock!

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